Beware of imitations!

Matrix Roofing has worked hard over the past 20 years to build up a good reputation for both our products, technical assistance, and service. Our 20 year Matrix Premium guarantee is the culmination of that hard work, and the training that we have provided for many excellent roofing contractors.

Quite often we get reports of companies using the good Matrix Roofing name, without actually having anything to do with us, or our products. This imitation could be regarded as flattery, but unfortunately there are unhappy consequences:

“Matrix Installations”

“DJ Richards & Son”

Both these companies appear to be one and the same, and both advertise as using the ‘Matrix GRP System’ with a 25 year guarantee. They have illegally used our documentation, and issued false Matrix Premium guarantee certificates. They have not used our materials, and have not been on our training course. We believe the 25 year guarantee offered by them is completely worthless.

We would like to clarify that Matrix Composites Materials Company Ltd (trading as Matrix Fibreglass Roofing) have absolutely no connection to either of these companies, nor have we ever had.

If you have any concerns, our roofing manager Jake Webb can verify or recommend one of many good Matrix-trained GRP roofing contractors who would be very pleased to quote for your work.