Still a felt roofer? Don't get left behind

Why not come of our fibreglass training course to find out how easy it is to do GRP roofing?

Here's five good reasons why you should find out more:

  1. Fibreglass roofing is easy to set up
    ... you already have the van, the ladders, the staff, the adverts, the contacts and the office.
  2. Let's be honest - fibreglass roofing can be very profitable
    ... which is after all why you're in business.
  3. Fibreglass performs better and longer than any other system
    ... when properly applied to flat roofs and valley gutters.
  4. Fibreglass is a cold-applied system
    ... just how much does it cost to insure your bitumen pot?
  5. Demand for fibreglass roofing is growing rapidly
    ... so you risk loosing customers if you cannot offer a fibreglass alternative.

To book on our two-hour GRP training course telephone Jake Webb on 0117 954 8045.