12. Tools and accessories

Cleaning Tools and Equipment

Buckets can be re-used for many jobs. When each mix is finished with, coat the inside of the bucket. When the resin has cured after approximately 30 minutes it can be peeled out, leaving the bucket like new and ready for the next job.

Paintbrushes can be dropped into a re-sealable container of acetone and left for the next job. Use only paintbrushes that have unpainted or uncoated handles, as the coatings will come off and contaminate the resin.

Polyester rollers have sleeves that are removable. It is very time consuming to clean the roller sleeves, so unscrew the nut with pliers and drop the used sleeve into the bucket of used resin.

Either use disposable latex gloves when handling catalysts and resins or clean hands with an appropriate hand cleaner. Do not clean hands with acetone.

Painters wipes are also a useful addition to your toolkit. As well as cleaning hands they are good for removing resin from windows and fascias.

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